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Biographical Information
Race Mountain Dwarf
Gender Male
Affinity Earth
Physical Description
Height 4'9"
Weight 235 lbs
Eyes Grey
Hair Copper
Political Information
OOC Information

At Bronzebeard HallEdit

Agnon was born and raised as a part of the Bronzebeard clan in the high mountains of Northrim. The Dwarves of clan Bronzebeard place a high amount of value on military service, and thus, on every Dwarf's 15th birthday, they are inducted into the Legion as a shield brother. The Legion taught Agnon a good many tactical skills, as well as how to properly fight and defend himself.

Because of his frustration, Agnon took to drinking. Now it is well known that all Dwarves drink, but Agnon drank more heavily than any Dwarf of the hall, which resulted in his reckless and oftentimes careless attitude on the field of battle. It was not long until king Kronag saw that Agnon's self destructive attitude could certainly get him and his fellow Dwarf-mates killed, and he arranged a meeting with the surly Dwarf. Kronag told Agnon that the reason he found it so difficult to maintain his calm in battle was because somewhere down the line, his bloodline had been muddied by one of the races of chaos.

Agnon was so taken aback and ashamed, that he requested proof, and proof was brought to him. From the great Library of the Dwarven Hall, Kronag produced a book on linear heritage. Though they were not sure which race exactly muddied the blood-line, they knew that three generations in the past, Gretta Bronzebeard, Agnons ancestor, had been forcibly mated with a chaos race.

Distraught, and upset, Agnon asked that his position in the army be revoked, and that he be allowed to take up any other profession. Kronag obliged, but wanted Agnon to stay under the military's wing so as not to break the 20 year service law. For the next 18 years, Agnon set about training new recruits, and working in the forge. He earned the nickname "Orc-spawn", when one of the recruits he worked with caught wind of the drunken Dwarf babbling about his family's sullied reputation late one night. Agnon, enraged, challenged the younger Dwarf to honorable combat, which the Dwarf named Argus Boulderblade accepted, much to Kronag's disapproval.

Before the fight, Agnon drank heavily as usual, and flew into a drunken rage as he had been known to do in battle. Argus didn't stand a chance. Within seconds, Agnon had bludgeoned the young Dwarf within an inch of his life, and was forced to stop by seven other Dwarves. After he had calmed from his stupor, Agnon felt so ashamed that he requested he be removed from the hall entirely, and once again, though this time he looked more favorably upon the request, Kronag obliged. The high king had been paying close attention to the Dwarf's craftsmanship, and it was astounding. Kronag decided to send the Drunkard to the Iron Gauntlet to serve as the Bronzebeard representative. Agnon accepted the honor and set out the next day.

With the Iron GauntletEdit

Upon joining with the guardians of the Gauntlet, Agnon learned many more advanced fighting techniques with his Void Iron shield and hammer, as well as many blacksmiths tricks that only the traders of the gauntlet knew of. He had finally found a place where he knew he could be happy, but once again, his drinking got the best of him.

The Gauntlet is known for its neutral affiliation, and thus, most anyone is allowed to trade there, so when a scuffle broke out between a man and a dwarf, and it came to blows, Agnon, as drunk as ever, was first to the scene. He slew the two men outright, and was hauled off to the Gauntlet prison. For ten days he sat there awaiting trial, but the trial never came. Instead, one of the high leaders, a dark haired Dwarf named Rogni came to speak with him. He told Agnon that his actions were not justifiable, and that the only way the dwarves of the gauntlet would allow him to return was if he were to accomplish a great deed, and prove his worth once again. Agnon agreed to the task and set out in search of a great deed that needed doing. He now wanders about accompanied by his friend and ally, Lilliana Elspar, searching for honorable deeds to do.


Agnon is a surly dwarf whose mouth often gets him into trouble. Though he is old by most mens standards, he is still considered young and impressionable by much older Dwarves, and thus he is still in the process of finding himself. In battle, he is known to fly into a great drunken rage at times. While this habit is seemingly unpredictable, Lilliana has been able to teach him to maintain his composure and to fight with his cool head rather than rely on rage to guide his hand.