Akridae (singular Akrida) are choleric demons of Famine. Along with Harpies, they serve as the primary minions of the demon lord Limos.


Akridae are sometimes called Locust Demons for their insect-like appearance and insatiable apetite. Though thin and spindly, they are naturally armored and swarm their enemies in large numbers. They usually attack with twisted black weapons, typically spears and tridents.


While intelligent and capable of speech, Akridae are not the most cunning or subtle of demons. They are single-minded in their devotion to their domain, and though they can rival belphegs in appetite, they are just as happy to simply burn or destroy food, crops, and any vegetation or livestock that they can find. They would love nothing more than to reduce the mortal realm to a lifeless wasteland. No demon-kin offspring of Akridae have ever been recorded, as no Akrida has been known to shift into a human disguise.