Algos are sanguine demons of Pain, minions of Akhoman, Demon Lord of Pain.


Algos largely share the appearance of Akhoman, taking the form of tall, red-skinned demons with dark, bat-like wings, two pairs of horns, long claws, and spearheaded tails. Their skin is nearly always scarred and tattooed, and many wear piercings and self-inflicted devices of torture on parts of their body.


The purpose of all Algos is to spread pain however possible. Their favored weapon is a six-tailed whip, as well as blades, barbed arrows, and other instruments of pain. They goad mortals into torturing others, no matter the purpose, and follow in the wake of individuals who enjoy inflicting pain on themselves and others.


Demon-kin born of the Algos share their desire to inflict pain on others, and some even enjoy inflicting pain upon themselves. Their power is the Touch of Pain, causing the creature touched to be wracked by a burning pain from within, disabling them from doing anything but writhe and scream in agony. It is said that there is no pain in this world or any of the next that matches that of the Touch.