Apophi are sanguine demons of Malice, offspring of the demon lord Apophis.


Much like their master, the Apophi take the appearance of demonic, winged serpent-men, generally cobra-men. They are not to be confused with their wingless, un-horned beastfolk counterparts, the Naga.


The Apophi are the most evil of all demons, and they tempt men into the worst imaginable sins, encouraging them to always do evil and never relent for any reason. Their gaze is hypnotic and can force evil thoughts and plant dark suggestions in the minds of mortals.


Demon-kin begotten by the Apophi are some of the most twisted and evil of all demon-mortal mixtures. They have bright red eyes and are constantly filled with the desire to do evil and encourage evil deeds, from which they derive great pleasure. Their gaze is said to be hypnotic.