Wolfspider arachnian vs Tom Drake

Tom Drake facing off against a wolfspider arachnian.

Part spider and part man, arachnians are some of the most feared beastfolk in the mortal realm. Though most lead solitary lives, some still live in cultured societies in dark places beyond the notice of Men. Like most of their spider kin, they largely prefer darkness to light, making caves and abandoned ruins some of their favorite homes.


There are two primary types of arachnians, although both contain a wide variety of sub-races.


In appearance, "hunter" arachnians are even more monstrous than many other types of beastfolk. Instead of bearing human arms and a human torso, these arachnians have a total of eight legs like their animal kin - two of which they use for walking upright, while the other six are used as arms. Their hands are not like Men, however, and instead bear three long, claw-like fingers, including a thumb. Their bodies are hairy and muscular, and their head is like that of a spider, but with a human-like mouth hidden behind their fangs, which allows them to speak and eat as men do. They vary in size, but most are the size of a human or larger. The vast majority of "hunter" types are solitary, but a few group cultures have been observed, often around the ruins of ancient temples.


"Stalker" arachnians are similar in appearance to the centaur: they have the lower body of a spindly-legged spider, but the torso, arms, and head of a man. Cunning creatures, they build great web-homes and will usually slay any who enter. While many are solitary, some build societies for their mutual benefit, usually in dark forests or underground caves. They have been known to store captured men and beasts in sacs of web for many days, before filling the web sac with corrosive venom that reduces the prey to a soup, which is then ingested. Females are larger and stronger than males, and always dominant in a group setting. They choose their mates carefully, slaying any who displease them.