Baal, Prince of Avarice and demon Lord of Greed, takes the form of a tall golden man, or a winged golden minotaur with a bull's skull for a head and burning green gems for eyes. Hades is the god of wealth, and his realm is full of much gold. Baal controls the majority of it, and his section of the Underworld is home to an immense mine where enslaved souls eternally dig. For this reason, he is also known as Plutus, the Prince of Wealth. In the South he is sometimes called Pinih, Demon of Stinginess. According to some tales, he may have once been a Southron god, who was cast down to the Underworld for reasons now lost to history.


His are the souls of men who thought only of their insatiable desire for material wealth, and would do anything to satisfy their lust for gold and earthly possessions in life.


His children are known as Baalgor.