Demon battle large

A Demon of Wrath battles a Demon of Greed.

Baalgor are sanguine demons of Greed, spawn of Baal.


The Baalgor look very similar to Baal himself, although smaller. They appear as winged golden minotaurs with a bull's skull for a head and burning green gems for eyes. They usually wield jeweled magical weapons.


While Baalgor love gold for its own sake, they love stealing the souls of mortals even more. Baalgor live to encourage greed in others and promise them vast riches, tempting mortals into sins of avarice, encouraging them to hoard their riches and do whatever it takes to acquire the object of their desires.


Demon-kin offspring of Baalgor usually have brightly-colored green eyes and may have a golden tint to their skin and horns. In addition to being extremely greedy themselves, they may take advantage of others by tempting them with greed. They have innate illusory magic they can use to make items appear golden and more valuable.