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Barkan Dayron


Imperial Human


Northtown, Achaean Empire



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Barkan Dayron, the son of a wood elf woman and an Imperial man, was born in Northtown. His mother, Kaylia, abandoned Barkan and his father, to rejoin her wood elf family. His father, Darten, trained Barkan in swordsmanship, as Darten was a member of the Northtown militia. Barkan, in his free time, either practiced his swordsmanship, or learned archery from a local hunter. He was a natural at archery, from his wood elf heritage, and was also able to jump from rooftop to rooftop, and was very agile. When he was fifteen, his father died in a battle, so Barkan had to live on his own. He inherited his father's sword and shield, and, when he was old enough, joined the militia to avenge his father. He served loyally until he was 25, when he finally retired and became a mercenary. He has been hired by Northtown many times in his life now, and has also been recruited by many other different people.

Current LifeEdit

Barkan has been hired by the leader of Northtown to defend from barbarians, beastfolk, and the like, and knows how to use herbs and hunt, which have helped him and many wounded or sick men and women in his travels. He still calls himself a citizen of Northtown with pride, and proudly wears its colors, under his leather and cloth. He has earned the nicknames "Tracker", "Warrior", and "Herbalist" among his travels, and there are rumors of him being sighted traveling with a half-northerner lumberjack with black hair and brown eyes.


Barkan carries on his body at all times his father's broadsword, a yew bow and a quiver of arrows from the hunter, though he usually uses it only for hunting, and a pouch full of useful herbs he has found on his travels. He wears a cloth cloak, a leather belt, and yellow and black pieces of cloth on his tunic, and has wool pants.