Tiger felesian

A tiger felesian.

Beastfolk are intelligent humanoids whose physical appearance combines features of a man and an animal. They are descendants of the Shifters (Shifter kin), cursed in a forgotten age to lose their shapeshifting power and remain forever in a half-man, half-beast state.

Background and NatureEdit

Beastfolk were created - alongside the lycanthropesvampires, and other shifter-kin - when the Age of Wulfgard ended. Unlike those other monsters, however, beastfolk entirely lost the ability to shapeshift, and they are permenantly stuck in their beast-man state. The vast majority of Shifter races became beastfolk. Some are an even blend of human and animal features, while others, like the centaur, are literally half and half, with the upper body of a man fused to the lower body of a beast. All beastfolk are intelligent and capable of speech, and some have been known to learn the languages of men and elves in order to communicate with them. Like all other intelligent mortal creatures, some beastfolk are born with the Gift.


There are countless different types of beastfolk spread across Midgard, even some that live in such secluded areas that they are all but unknown to humans. The list below includes most of the main types, but there are many more races and sub-races than these.