Cassian Marks


Human (Achaean)


Illikon, Northwestern Empire


Around 30

Hair Color


Eye Color








Cassian Marks is a character in The Legend of the Five. A knight of Illikon known for his loyalty to the city and skill in combat, Marks frequently butts heads with Sir Tom Drake. He is married to Anne Drake, eldest daughter of the Draconius house.


Cassian Marks is the eldest son of the current line of House Marks of Illikon. Upon reaching age seven, he immediately began his training as a knight. With his desire to win glory and fame, he often neglected many of his intellectual studies in favor of spending more time training for battle. What with the constant mingling of Illikon's three most important houses - Marks, Drake, and Kallistos - Cassian Marks was acquainted with all the most important nobles of the city by the time he was knighted at age twenty-one. Almost the same day, he married Anne of House Draconius. This was done largely in an attempt to prevent any rivalry between the two families, particularly with the presence of Sir Tom Drake, who was quickly becoming one of the most controversial figures in the city, though the marriage did little to thwart the ever growing rivalry between Cassian and Tom. With blood from a long line of noble knights and warriors running through his veins, Marks believes that Tom Drake's tarnished blood and cavalier personality make him unfit to be a knight. After being knighted and marrying Anne, Cassian quickly became one of the most influential knights in Illikon, and a good friend to the majority of the city's important nobles.


With strong, noble features and an air of pride, Cassian Marks is a prime example of a member of House Marks, and he bears himself in a way that tells he is far too aware of his good looks. His mid-length, raven black hair is swept back away from his face, and an equally dark, finely trimmed goatee serves to further define the chiseled features of his face and strong chin. He always wears the colors of his family house, which largely contrast with his crystal blue eyes.


Though he may be known for his loyalty to Illikon, bravery in battle, and prowess in combat, Marks is not truly the epitome of a knight in shining armor. Arrogant, belligerent, and occasionally even underhanded, there are few things Cassian would not do to further his fame, defeat his enemies, and protect his home. Despite his love for the code of chivalry, he does not uphold all of its aspects, as he is willing to perform a number of questionable actions if he thinks they will work in his favor at some point or another... or if he simply wants to get a point across. He enjoys gossip among the noble houses, particularly if he finds some bit of dirt that makes him look better than some other noble of his station. In spite of his numerous flaws and tendency to throw insults and start fights, Marks treats his family well and does not disrespect the city of Illikon or her rulers. Whatever his good qualities may be, however, he apparently has great trouble being kind and treating others fairly, particularly to any of a lower station than him - or what he believes to be a lower station.


The Marks colors are yellow, silver, and blue, and his heraldic animal is a blue fish. Even if it is not a fearsome predator, Marks wears his symbol with pride, and blue fishes decorate all of his armor and horse barding. His tournament armor is primarily yellow and silver, with a blue fish upon his breastplate and fin designs upon much of his armor, including on either side of his tournament helm.