Orc warlord

An orc warlord holds aloft a flaming blade, symbol of Surtur and the Armies of Chaos.

The Chaos Races are the creatures created by the Jötnar and Titans to oppose the races who served the Olympians, Aesir, and other deities, in the mortal realm.


During the Titanomachy, the Titans and Jötnar began creating an army of mortal followers, which could do battle with the men, elves, dwarves, and other noble races that followed the other gods. However, because they lacked the art and power of those gods, and due to their purely chaotic, twisted nature, the giants' creations were hideous and imperfect monsters. Nevertheless, they were found to be satisfyingly strong and able fighters with a furious bloodlust and a taste for human flesh.


Due to their chaotic nature, all of the Chaos Races are naturally violent and resistant to authority. They despise laws, fall to squabbling easily, and only respect leadership through strength. Strength is their defining attribute, the one area in which they are far superior to the nobler races. Whenever multiple Chaos Races live together in one place, the larger ones nearly always dominate the smaller, with giants always ruling over all others. All of the Chaos Races despise sunlight, though it will not destroy them as it does the undead. They are not considered "unholy" creatures, but are sometimes treated as "unnatural" ones.

The chaos races can be found in tribes scattered from one end of the mortal realm to the other, but their cultures barely develop, and never form great civilizations. Cities like Dhuum, the Black City of the Jagged Edge, have only been built under the instruction of the Jötnar. According to the prophecy of Ragnarök, when Surt, Lord of the Fire Giants, leads his war against the gods, the Chaos Races will serve as his armies in the mortal realm, who will slaughter every living mortal and burn all of Midgard.