A chimera.

A chimeran is a monster that possesses a combination of body parts from many different beasts. They are named after the most famous of their lot, the
chimera. While some have their own unique origins, it is widely believed that most are the result of magic, either through a mage's experiments or - more commonly - an accidental result of a powerful, uncontrolled magic explosion. They are commonly found in areas blasted by mage wars, such as the Endless Wastes.

Major ChimeransEdit

Below is a list of most of the major known Chimerans. It is, however, by no means complete.

Chimeras - Vicious monsters that combine the features of a lion, a goat, and a serpent. They are extremely chaotic and powerful, capable of wielding magic. "Chimerans" take their name from them.

Cockatrices  - Sometimes considered a chimeran rather than a dragon-kin because of its bird-like feathers and demeanor, the cockatrice is a highly venomous and dangerous creature.

Gryphons - With the head, wings, and forelegs of an eagle, and the mane, back legs, and tail of a lion, gryphons are considered lordly creatures, since they combine features of the most kingly of beasts.

Hippogriffs - Appearing very much like gryphons but with the hindquarters of a horse in place of a lion's, hippogriffs (or hippogryphs) are slightly easier to tame than their kingly cousins, and it is said that elves and magi in ancient times would ride them as flying mounts.

Manticores - Great red lions with demon-like wings and scorpion tails, highly vicious and venemous.

Pegasi - Sometimes considered magical beasts rather than chimerans, pegasi are winged horses said to originate on islands far to the South. They are not easily found and are even less easily tamed.

Simurg - A winged creature with the head of a hound, tail of a peacock, and claws of a lion, the are considered wise and holy by men of Parsanshar.

Sphinxes - Strange creautures with the body of a lion, wings of a bird, and head of a man or woman. They usually dwell in desert places and are very clever, and capable of speech. Aloof and unpredictable creatures, their motives are almost never clear, and they enjoy asking riddles of travelers and rewarding those who answer correctly, either with treasure or a piece of wisdom - even a prediction of the future.

UnicornsSometimes considered magical beasts rather than chimerans, unicorns are holy creatures protected by the gods, and will only allow those pure of heart to approach them, especially young virgins. Appearing as great stallions with a single long horn on their forehead, goat-like cleft hooves with long fetlocks, and lion-like tails, they possess powerful magic.