A cockatrice is a type of pseudo-dragon, or possibly chimeran, with bird-like features and a petrifying venom.


A cockatrice looks something like a small dragon with feathers on parts of its body and a beak-like head. Similar to wyverns, they lack forelegs and use their wings in place of them. Their scales are generally green in color, though they can vary widely, and their feathers often range in various duller colors, such as white, grey, brown, and black. Since they have bird-like features and often run about on two legs, many claim they look like chickens.


Despite their reputation as chicken-like, cockatrices are not to be underestimated. They are extremely fast-moving and dangerous, especially on the ground, as they are relatively poor fliers. They emit a terryfing crow, but the sound seemingly has no particularly magical effects.


Unlike the venom of the basilisk, cockatrice venom petrifies rather than kills. The poison turns the victom's blood to stone, hardening their entire body, eventually transforming them into a statue. This effect can be reversed magically, unless the victim is smashed to bits while in this britle state. The cockatrice's deadly venom is transferred through the bite of their beak.