Portrait daemonique
The Demoness
Biographical Information
Race Half Human (Kemheti), half Demon of Lust
Gender Female
Affinity Fire
Physical Description
Eyes Yellow
Hair Dark red
OOC Information
First Appearance Into the North

Daemonique is one of the main characters of Wulfgard: Into the North. She serves Lord Plutarch in his quest to find the Death Artifacts.


Little is known about Daemonique’s past. She claims to not be pure demon, but born to a human mother from Kemhet. Her place of birth, childhood, and real name, however, she prefers to keep to herself. Somehow she ended up in the Underworld, in the service of her demon father. It was from there that she was summoned by the Achaean wizard Lord Plutarch, who offered her a simple deal: If she would help him achieve his goal, he would grant her freedom in the mortal realm once again. She agreed, and Plutarch sealed the deal by burning a Rune of Binding onto her arm as a tattoo. She has served him ever since.


Daemonique is a Demon (or half-Demon) of Lust, which means she has limited shapeshifting powers. In her demon form, she possesses wings, horns, a tail, fangs, and yellow eyes with slit pupils. These demonic features can be hidden at will, however – though they might become visible again if her concentration is broken, such as through emotional turmoil. She can also alter the appearance of her “human” form slightly. Her two favorite personae are a Kemheti priestess of Isis, with dark hair and dark eyes, and a red-haired Achaean woman with green eyes.

In her ‘natural’ form, Daemonique has many visible tattoos. On her left arm is tattooed a circle of runes for protection against certain kinds of attacks, above which – on her shoulder – lies the Rune of Binding placed there by Plutarch. Coiled around her entire body is a tattoo of a snake. The exact positioning of this tattoo changes from time to time, since it is in fact a manifestation of her familiar spirit, a python she calls Lilly. Lilly can change from snake to tattoo and vice versa at the command of her mistress.

Daemonique usually wears very revealing clothing similar to a Deshreti “belly dancer.” Her favored weapon is a flamberge taken from the Silent Messengers' armory.


“Fiery” is the single best word to describe Daemonique. She is a fearless and chaotic spirit, preferring to do whatever she pleases on a whim. Between two evils, she typically chooses the one she hasn't tried. She is a skilled manipulator of men's emotions, using her natural beauty to her full advantage. She greatly respects Plutarch, the wizard who summoned her and commands her, but she shows no such regard to most of his allies, or any other mortals for that matter. She seems to view them mostly as mere playthings... and she certainly enjoys the game.