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Elektra is a character in The Legend of the Five. An Achaean pirate, Elektra has seen much of the world already during her travels as a privateer of Illikon. She serves as first mate under Eduardo Gurita, captain of The Golden Dragon.


Elektra prefers not to speak of her past, and what exactly her childhood was like remains a mystery, even to Captain Eduardo. Her strong upper-class Imperial accent implies she is almost certainly of noble birth, but how she came to be aboard The Golden Dragon hardly suits a noble lady. Seeking a way out of Artorius, she offered her skills to Eduardo's crew. When the Captain turned her down, Elektra - still a mysterious rogue with no inclination to speak of her past - sneaked on board during the night and stole a considerable amount of the pirates' treasure. Eduardo found her in the city the following morning and demanded his gold; when Elektra refused to give it up, the pirates pursued her for days before she at last returned the treasure to Eduardo with but one demand: that she be a part of his crew. Since then, Elektra has proven herself to be a highly skilled and resourceful asset to the ship, and she quickly became Eduardo's first mate.

Illikon Mage Cult IncidentEdit

During the mage cult incident in Illikon, Elektra was present on board Eduardo's current ship of the time, Typhon's Breath. Tom Drake, Titus Magnus, and Corben McShane boarded the ship in an attempt to catch the vessel of the escaping mages. Elektra did not protest the commandeering of the Typhon to do the bidding of Queen Carlisa Illikoni, primarily due to the fact that the entire crew was promised a hefty reward. Over their days of pursuing the mages, she took a liking to Tom Drake and shared a relationship with him. Ironically, Typhon's Breath was destroyed by powerful fire magic from the magi they chased. After the entire matter was resolved and the mages were defeated, Elektra and the others returned to Illikon, where Eduardo acquired his new ship, The Golden Dragon. After saying her romantic goodbyes to Drake, Elektra abruptly disappeared back to the high seas. She has not seen him since.


Elektra is downright stunning, and she knows it. She has raven black hair that she keeps in a loose ponytail, and she lets a few stray pieces hang before her crystalline blue eyes, often obscuring one from view. Elektra bears aquiline features, olive skin, and a lithe and beautiful form, which she frequently shows off by wearing very revealing clothing. Her outfits are often bright colors, such as orange, red, or yellow, which makes her stand out all the more. Despite being a pirate woman, she actually does not wear much jewelry other than a few thin necklaces and a bracelet. On her side she always carries a long, wickedly curved dagger and her cutlass. And, as Eduardo likes to say, only the gods know where else she hides knives on her person.


Elektra is very much a free spirit. She cares little, if at all, for the affairs of others and is certainly not out to perform any deeds of charity and honor. Highly adept at pulling the strings of men, Elektra knows exactly what to do to get her way, whether it is seduction or a blade to the throat. Enjoying both the thrill of adventure and acquiring riches, Elektra has an insatiable wanderlust, and she is incredibly brave when it comes to fighting and exploring. She often comes across as cavalier: she is unafraid to speak her opinions, has little or no regard for authority (as she feels bound by nothing short of Captain Eduardo), and enjoys dropping the occasional sarcastic remark and wisecrack. It is also worthy of note that she could be called a "man in every port kind of girl."