Formicans are insectoid beastfolk. These ant-men reside in all parts of the world, building vast underground empires in enormous tunnel networks that often bring them into conflict with other subterranean races, like dwarves and dark elves. Their matriarchal society operates on a strict caste system, in which exile or execution is the punishment for disobedience to the Queen. The Queen, however, is not the only one who breeds. Select females become her Handmaidens, who are allowed to bear children with the select males of her harem, ensuring only the finest children. Those females deemed unfit to breed become Soldiers or Workers, while males deemed unfit may simply become food. Formicans produce fungus farms and breed giant docile insects called Pemphigs for food. Their intelligence and the might of their empires are not to be underestimated. The greatest Empire of Formicans is believed to dwell in the Endless Wastes.