Emblem hidden

The symbol of the Hidden.

The Hidden are a very old secret cult of magi that celebrate the practice of all magic, including the so-called dark arts.


Openly making use of Shadow, Demonic, and Death magic, the Hidden use the lower 'hook' of the Wheel of Magic (the one representing these darker powers) as their emblem, usually marked below the eye. Dragging a finger under the eye to make this mark is their secret sign. Some members who do not fear discovery (and are powerful enough to survive the repercussions, or mad enough not to care) may actually tattoo the mark under their eye. The goal of the Hidden is to share forbidden knowledge in the hope that one day they may accumulate enough power to wield it openly. They generally believe that magi are superior beings, and it is their place to rule over lesser men.


The high point in the history of the Hidden was the reign of the Mage-Emperor Ildrius. This was the closest they have ever come to attaining their goal of mage domination over the rest of mankind. Yet it was a low point as well, since Ildrius's cruelty fostered hatred of magi in the hearts of all Achaeans, and his death resulted in the creation of the Inquisition, which hounds all magically-gifted individuals to this day. Before Ildrius's reign, the Hidden were able to enjoy comfortable positions as prestigious as a king's advisor. Now they are forced to skulk about in the shadows and sewers like rats in order to avoid the black swords of the Inquisitors.