Creature chaos hobgoblin

A hobgoblin.

The smallest of the chaos races, hobgoblins were made by the Jotnar in attempt to create an evil and chaotic race of dwarves.


With scraggly beards and hair, they are about dwarfish height, but hunched, so they appear smaller. They have long noses and large, slightly pointed ears (though not as long or pointed as a goblin's). Their skin color ranges from greyish-brown to grey-green.


Strong for their size, fast, and skilled climbers, hobgoblins can sometimes be quite clever and industrious, but in a different way than their dwarven counterparts, as they never try to create anything perfect or beautiful - merely effective, and almost always destructive. They have a greater sense of teamwork than the other chaos races, thus serving as the master siege engineers, architects, and miners of the Army of Chaos, yet still they live in subjugation to the others unless they flee to live alone. Some clans composed entirely of hobgoblins dwell underground, carving out a living and constantly fighting with the dwarves.