Imperial soldiers: light infantry, heavy infantry, and heavy cavalry

The Legions are the military backbone of the Achaean Empire. Though sometimes referred to collectively as "the Legion," the term "legion" means a single unit of around 5,000 soldiers, usually stationed at a Legionary Fort.


For detailed information on the composition of the Legions, see the Achaean Empire article.

The LegionsEdit

There are currently twenty-one legions in the Imperial military. Each legion has a number and a title, usually an animal. Some are listed below.

Legio I AquilaeEdit

Emblem firstlegion

The emblem of the First Legion.

The legendary First Legion, or Legion of the Eagle, is stationed in the capital city of Coronaria, in a fort located along the outer wall of the city.

Legio II LeonisEdit

The Second Legion, or Legion of the Lion, is stationed north of Coronaria near Pluton Hold.

Legio XI SerpentisEdit

The Eleventh Legion, or Legion of the Serpent, is stationed on the hostile border of the Southwestern Wilds. It is led by a Legate known as "Cicatrix" for the hideous scar disfiguring his face. He despises the beastfolk and other free denizens of the Wilds.

Legio XVI LupiEdit

The Sixteenth Legion, or Legion of the Wolf, is stationed in Fort Coldstone northeast of Illikon, along the border with Northrim. Its commander is Legate Marcellus Calvus.

Legio XVII GrypisEdit

The Seventeenth Legion, or Legion of the Gryphon, is stationed in Fort Norward east of Fort Coldstone along the border with Northrim.

Legio XIX ApriEdit

The Nineteenth Legion, or Legion of the Boar, is stationed at Fort Munin northwest of Rimegard.