Imps are a rather enigmatic type of demon, supposedly servants of the Master of Mischief. Some say that the Master of Mischief himself is a myth invented by imps in order to make themselves feel better about their wretched existence.


Imps are very small demons with large wings, horns, and tails. They come in a wide very variety of colors, both bright and dull, largely dependent on the part of the Underworld in which they were born. Most are some shade of red or black, though other colors are still quite common.


Imps are commonly used as messengers and servants by all greater demons of the Underworld. They also often serve dark mages on the surface since they are easy to summon and control. They are, however, unpredictable and disloyal, and are best kept on a tight leash. They have no true domain like other demons or any particular brand of evil and sin that they like to cause or encourage; at the most, they are simply pranksters and tricksters.