Jörgen the Lone Bear


Human (Northman)





Hair Color

Dark blond

Eye Color








Jörgen is one of the major characters of Wulfgard: Into the North. A well-known hero who has slain many great monsters, he is an old friend of The Wanderer, and the first person he seeks out after returning to Northrim.


Jörgen never knew his parents. He was raised with a group of war orphans in the Bjornburg, where he quickly proved to be more than anyone could handle. Strong-willed and equally strong of limb, Jörgen constantly left the town to wander the wilderness, hunting, swimming, climbing, and constantly vying with nature like a wild beast. It was in this way that he met a similarly wild young man named Stigandr – the Wanderer – and the two became fast friends.

When the Achaean Empire began to push further and further into Northrim, Jörgen and Stigandr, along with Magnhild and other like-minded men and women of the North, formed a band of rebels to fight them behind enemy lines, doing things like disrupting supply routes, ambushing scouts, and setting traps for Imperial patrols. They quickly became wanted outlaws with prices on their heads.

Eventually, however, when the Empire showed no signs of truly weakening from their efforts, the rebel band broke up and went their separate ways. Jörgen, still wishing to keep the Empire out of his homeland, joined the armies of Bjornburg to fight the Achaeans in earnest. He quickly came to regret this decision. After seizing control of an Imperial town, he watched in horror as his allies began butchering, pillaging, raping, and burning. Outraged, he began trying to help the villagers escape, even killing one of his best friends in the process. Allies and enemies alike flew in terror from his wrath.

After this incident, Jörgen returned to Bjornburg and presented himself before the king for judgment. He gave up his well-forged sword, Foe-cleaver, as weregild to the father of the friend he had murdered, swearing an oath never again to take up a blade against his fellow man for a cause so needlessly destructive as war. Instead, he became a farmer, working a small plot of land far to the east of Bjornburg and helping the villagers there with his inhuman strength, felling great trees and digging deep trenches with ease.

Since then, he has never fought against men, only against monsters. Wielding weapons like axes, spears, and bows – but never a sword – he has slain many beasts and foul servants of chaos who threaten the countryside, earning him a reputation as a hero of the people. Some, however, still resent him for refusing to take up arms against their Imperial enemies.


Jörgen is enormous, taller and broader and bulging with more muscles than nearly any other mortal man can boast. Long-haired and bearded, with blazing blue eyes, he stomps loudly into battle with a bellowing war cry, wearing little armor, challenging any enemies to face him. So far, none have managed to defeat him, so great is his strength and skill with arms. Since the tragic events of his first real battle, he has never wielded a sword, preferring instead to fight with his massive double-bit battleaxe. He also usually carries a long bow and hunting knife.


Jörgen's personality is exactly what one would expect from a hero of his stature: loud, proud, and boastful. Indeed, he often speaks of himself in the third-person while recounting tales of his deeds. Despite this, he does not think himself above the common man, and will gladly perform any deed, no matter how menial, in order to help others. Those who know him claim that there is no kinder and more generous soul alive, thus adding to his heroic reputation. He is beloved by the common people of Northrim, though there are some who resent him for refusing to fight against the Empire.