Snapping turtle beastman

A male snapping turtle khelonian.

Khelonians are great tortoise-folk that, like so many other beastfolk, exist all across the realm in various habitats.


There are many different types of khelonians, including snapping turtles and more seemingly docile tortoises. All of them appear slightly hunchbacked due to their enormous, thick shells, but they have humanoid arms and clawed hands, as well as human torsos. Like most beastfolk, they have bestial heads, legs, feet, skin, and tails. Khelonians appear in a variety of colors, though generally they are a drab shade of green, grey, brown, or black. Some of them, however, may have very colorful designs amidst their darker coloration, including orange, red, and more.


Khelonians generally lead solitary lives, though many mating pairs may stay together for life. Smaller khelonians might create small, nomadic tribes, but even this is rare. These beasts eat a wide variety of foods, with snapping turtle khelonians preferring meat above all else - including men. Khelonians, while slow, are immensely strong and difficult to kill. They are also remarkably intelligent, capable of setting up elaborate traps for their prey. Their patience is perhaps their most famous quality aside from their great, armored shells; khelonians are willing to lie in wait for days by their traps until something falls into their grasp.