Kiliserkhet in the hand of the Wanderer.

Kiliserkhet is the sword of the Wanderer. He acquired it during his time in the Far South, though he keeps the details of how he acquired it to himself.

The sword itself has a curved, single-edged blade of the type popular in Deshret and Parsanshar, though the weapon's name references a Kemheti goddess: Serkhet, the goddess of scorpions. The sword's golden hilt is shaped like a scorpion, with its arms forming the crosspiece, and the tail curving up to form something of a hand guard. Two small red gems are set in the scorpion's eyes.

The exact origin of the sword is a mystery, which even the Wanderer does not claim to know. Though he will not say how he acquired it, he treats it as his only treasured posession. He also says it is a very good, dependable sword - its steel holds a keen edge, and the hilt is just as durable.