The Gladiator
Biographical Information
Race Minotaur
Gender Male
Birthplace Knossos
Affinity Magma
Physical Description
Height Over 8'
Eyes Orange
Hair Brown
  • Knossos
  • Caltha
Occupation(s) Gladiator
Rank Grand Champion (slave)
OOC Information
First Appearance The Legend of the Five

Langstrom the Minotaur is the reigning Grand Champion of the Achaean gladiator arena in Caltha. He has as much respect in Achaean society as any beastman could ever garner, which is that of a mighty beast within a cage. He is seemingly unmatched as a warrior, with a cold sense of duty when it comes to battling in the gladiator arena. Langstrom knows well that, in order to survive, he must continue pleasing the crowd and Caltha's count.


Born on the isle of Knossos, Langstrom was held in awe by many of his people even at a young age for his exceptional strength, bravery, and aptitude at battle. He trained to be a soldier at the mere age of eight years, and when he was in his mid-20's, he was granted the title of Lord and given command over his own mighty fort in the Southwestern Wilds. His fortress, which he named Bloodhorn Keep, became the largest and strongest of all minotaur strongholds in the Southwest. Although Langstrom was young and brash, he was also extremely pious. Feeling driven by a vision from the ancient Shifter gods, which he still believes to be alive, Langstrom set off on a pilgrimage to a ruined Shifter temple that his people knew still stood near Caltha, hidden away from plain sight and the bustle of the Achaean civilization. While on this pilgrimage, Langstrom was captured by the Imperial legions. Although the Achaeans planned to execute him, Count Flavius of Caltha paid a hefty sum to have Langstrom sent to his gladiator arena, where he would fight for the entertainment of all Imperial civilization. The deal was made, and Langstrom was taken to Caltha by an enormous escort. The minotaur knew better than to attempt an escape, and he was taken without trouble into Caltha's grand arena, where he has fought ever since.


As a minotaur, Langstrom is far larger than any man: taller, broader, and stronger. His eyes are bright orange, and monstrous body is coated in both brown fur and enormous, bulging muscles that he does not bother to cover with armor. The horns spreading from his head are incredibly long and wide, and during tournaments, he often adorns them with glimmering sheaths of gold that match his nosering.

Armor and WeaponsEdit

Langstrom's armor consists only of a bright green loincloth with deepgold chainmail and a belt, the buckle of which is the golden chalice of Caltha. Although Langstrom uses a variety of weapons, all too large for any human to wield as easily as he does, his personal choice is a great, double bit axe.


Little is known of Langstrom's personality, as no one truly interacts with him. He remains utterly silent as he is given food by the watchers of his cell within the gladiator pits, but his fiery orange eyes observe everything carefully. He is believed to be nothing more than a primitive brute by Achaeans, but Count Flavius knows he is far more cunning than he seems. When in battle, he is utterly cold, saying nothing as he dispatches his foe(s). However, he does not always follow the whims of the crowd when it comes to killing or sparing his opponent, as he knows he is above their command. Anyone who he believes fights with true honor and bravery, he will spare. Others, he will execute without hesitation. What he deems to be "true" honor and bravery is clearly very strict, as he spares precious few people whom he battles.