Lilit, also known as Lilith or Jahi, is the demon Lady of Lust. Her lesser consort is Varun.

Lilit takes the form of a lovely human woman with long, black-red hair, horns, bat-like wings, a tail, and blackened limbs that end in clawed hands. Her form, especially when in her mortal guise, is said to be so lovely that no man can resist her.

Her consort Varun is similar in nature, taking the form of a handsome young man or demon, but his position is subordinate to Lilit. Likewise, his Incubi are subordinate in rank to her Succubae.


A succubus minion of Lilit.


Hers are the souls of those who could never resist their sexual desires, including rapists and nymphomaniacs. Hers too are those who used their earthly charms in life in order to sway others for foul purposes.


Lilit's followers are the Succubae and Incubi, whose one desire is to use their demonic charms in order to lure mortals into sin.