Portrait plutarch
The Master
Biographical Information
Race Human (Achaean)
Gender Male
Birthplace Xandropolis, Kemhet
Affinity Air (Fire-leaning)
Familiar Spirit Vulture
Physical Description
Height 5'10"
Eyes Grey
Hair Black
OOC Information
First Appearance Into the North

Lord Plutarch is one of the major characters of Wulfgard: Into the North. He is the driving force of the main plot, gathering followers as he searches the land for a set of ancient artifacts that he believes to be the key to great power.


“Lord Plutarch” was born Septimus Xanatos Plutarchus, son of the proud Imperial nobleman Septimus Severus Plutarchus. He and his father shared the same praenomen because they were both the seventh sons in their family. Much to Severus's grief, his beloved wife Lilia died giving birth to the son who shared his name. He never forgave his son for this, and his hatred only increased when he discovered Plutarch studying tomes of ancient and arcane lore – magic, much of it of the darkest nature. Plutarch had kept his nature as a mage secret for years, even from his family. His father was so outraged that he denounced Plutarch as a son.

Septimus Xanatos Plutarch then departed his home, stealing a large portion of his family's wealth and then breaking all ties with them, to live in secret. His eldest brother Publius, an general in the Imperial Legion, sold him out to the Inquisition, who sent a team to track down and capture Septimus. When they arrived, however, he was fully prepared for them, and he killed several of the Inquisitors, including the leader of the team. The Inquisition has been unsuccessfully hunting for him ever since.

Seeking refuge and a way to continue his arcane research, Plutarch first tried to join the cult known as the Hidden. He soon fell out with their leadership, however, and sought out the Council of Magi instead. They gladly accepted him into their number, and he rose in their trust enough to gain access to the White Tower, where he conducts most of his studies.

Some time during these studies, he pieced together the story of the Artifacts of Death, which he believes can unlock the secret to conquering death and becoming truly immortal. He has been seeking the artifacts ever since, hiring the Silent Messengers under Hanan al-Saffah and summoning and binding Daemonique to help him locate and acquire them.


An Achaean man of average build, Plutarch keeps a carefully-trimmed goatee in a strange Southron style that is popular in parts of Deshret, where he has many connections. His eyes are a deep grey, often described as 'misty,' as if there were grey clouds obscuring the hidden depths within. He normally dresses in very fine clothing, purchased with his stolen wealth, which he has put to good use and set about increasing. Though he is trained in swordsmanship and usually carries a blade at his side, Plutarch prefers to fight with his mind, letting others, like his bodyguard Minion, do the sword-work for him. He likes to carry a staff to aid in his magic, but since this is not always practical, he also arms himself with a hidden black wand, usually tucked in his sleeve. It is this wand that he typically uses to inscribe his favored Rune of Binding onto his servants.


“Lord” Septimus Plutarch has the air of a high nobleman, and he usually appears calm and collected, as a man in complete control of every situation. He tends to look down his hooked Imperial nose at others, but he can be quite charismatic and convincing when he likes. Extremely intelligent and witty, he considers his mind the ultimate weapon, constantly feeding it with all the useful knowledge he can find. Single minded in his goal and with no time for petty personal vendettas, he treats his servants and allies fairly, and deals with everyone else as swiftly and efficiently as possible... and then moves on.