Madness demons (or Maniae) are the servants of Agruzgakbalat. They are considered phlegmatic demons, though they may combine aspects from many different kinds of demons.


The appearance of a madness demon is nearly impossible to describe. Each one looks almost completely different, bearing a wide array of limbs ranging from extra arms to tentacles, eyeballs on stalks, patches of fur or scales, and other inane combinations. Madness demons can essentially come in any shape or form, but it always makes little or no sense, and it never looks like just one ordinary creature. Some say that simply looking at a demon of madness can break one's sanity.


Madness demons haunt the minds of mortals and attempt to drive them to insanity, speaking in riddles and twisting reality to sow confusion. Their deepest desire is to cause the minds of their victims to snap, driving them to a destroy themselves and others.


Demon-kin of madness are nearly as unpredictable as their full-blooded counterparts. Most have tentacles, red eyes, and bony wings, but they may randomly spawn other features.