Men (also known as humans, collectively as mankind or humanity) are the foremost race in the mortal realm of Midgard, where they are by far the most common and, ever since the fall of the Age of Wulfgard, rule over more land than any other intelligent race.

Mortality & MagicEdit

Compared to the alfar, dvergar, and beastfolk, mankind is a relatively young race, having existed in the mortal realm for only a few thousand years. Unlike elves and dwarves, men have relatively short natural lifespans, the oldest living for little more than a single century before dying of old age. They also do not possess any innate magical powers, save those few individuals born with the Gift - and most human societies shun, imprison, or even destroy such individuals, fearing their power.

Yet, despite all of these shortcomings, men have thrived, nearly overwhelming the other races of Midgard. Compared to elves and dwarves, they multiply quickly, and fill their short lives with a flurry of activity - conquering, inventing, building, and forging vast empires while elves might nurture a single new grove. Through their ambition and lust for life, men have achieved mastery of over half the mortal realm.

Races and CulturesEdit

There are many different races of men living in regions all across Midgard, and their appearances and cultures vary widely. The categories below are those most often used by Achaeans to classify men by region.


Achaeans are the Men of the Achaean Empire, whose great kingdoms span all the way from parts of Northrim nearly into Kemhet in the South. Thus, they are often called "Imperials" by outsiders.


Northmen live in the wild and untamed expanses of Northrim above Achaea. Unlike the Imperials to their south, their civilizations are divided in to various tribes, kingdoms, and clans.


"Southron" is a broad term used by Achaeans to refer to nearly all people who dwell to the South of their Empire. It encompasses the peoples of Kemhet, Deshret, Parsanshar, and others, each of whom have their own distinct cultures and pantheons of gods.


Easterners are all but a myth among most men of the West. Dwelling in the Far East, they are all but entirely blocked off from the regions west of the Jagged Edge and the Great Wastes. Though the West knows little or nothing about their culture and what sort of gods they worship, Easterners are said to be highly intelligent and fearsome warriors. Most have relatively light skin, but with black hair and dark eyes, and they are said to be shorter on average than men of the West.


Aethiopi are a rare sight outside of their homeland in the mysterious and largely unexplored Far South, and only the men of Deshret have frequent contact with them, sometimes warring with them and taking prisoners as slaves, which is how they are most commonly encountered by men of more northern regions. They have very dark skin, hair, and eyes, and are known for their great height and strength. Men of Achaea most often see them in the gladiator pits, where they usually back up their reputation as fearsome warriors.


The term "Islanders" is used by men of Achaea to refer to the many various peoples who dwell on islands secluded in the Western seas. Precious little is known about their cultures, which seem to vary wildly from place to place. On average, however, they have copper skin, with straight black hair and dark eyes. Unlike men of most other regions, male islanders do not seem to grow beards, causing some explorers to claim they are all women. Such wild claims have led to many sensational tales about Islanders, but since contact with them is so infrequent, precious little of it can be confirmed.