Portrait minion
The Bodyguard
Biographical Information
Race Human (Easterner)
Gender Male
Birthplace The Far East
Affinity Earth
Physical Description
Height 5'7"
Eyes Dark brown
Hair Black
OOC Information
First Appearance Into the North

Minion is one of the major characters of Wulfgard: Into the North. He is the silent but deadly bodyguard of Lord Plutarch.


Minion remains utterly silent about his past, not even revealing his name. All he will say is that he owes Lord Plutarch a tremendous debt for some great deed he performed that saved the life and reputation of both Minion and his entire family. In repayment, he swore service to Plutarch for as long as the wizard might live. Plutarch sealed the deal by tattooing a Rune of Binding on the back of Minion's head, though Minion assured him this was not necessary. His word is his law, and he has remained loyally at Plutarch's side ever since.


Minion is not an especially imposing individual. Though broad-shouldered, he is short by Western standards, and he usually wears little more than robes, armed with nothing but a simple metal staff. Yet there is far more to him than meets the eye. Even the proud killer Hanan al-Saffah has learned the hard way to respect Minion's skill with weapons... or with none. Minion is bald – whether by nature or through some other means, he will not say. The only hair on his head is a thin beard that he keeps well-trimmed, like an outline around his chin. On the back of his head is tattooed Plutarch's Rune of Binding.


If Minion has a personality, he hides it very well. He so seldom speaks that one would not be blamed for believing him a mute, and he never questions his master's commands, which he carries out with cold determination. Usually, he remains utterly still and silent by Plutarch's side, like a golem carved from stone. Hence the name that others have given him, to which he has never voiced protest: Minion.