Moroai are sanguine demons of Doom, followers of Moros.


Though their physical forms are easier to discern than their master's, Moroai are nonetheless always enshrouded in a reddish mist that surrounds their feet. They have long, curled horns, no mouths, and can shapeshift into a human form. Their eyes are entirely black in human form, and fiery when in their black demon form.


Surrounding each Moroai is a feeling of impending doom. They do not actively partake in the doom of their victims, it is said, instead twisting fate itself to cause misfortune in the lives of certain mortals, should they fall prey to the moral traps set up by the demons. Moroai carry black scepters, with which they point out their doomed victims.


Demon-kin children of Moroai have black wings and black eyes, and an aura of ill fortune follows them wherever they travel. They often have the power of foresight.