Moros, demon Lord of Doom, is a mysterious and aloof demon lord, another of the fallen Olympian deities, son of Nyx, the goddess of night. His physical form is never clear, for he is always enshrouded in a reddish haze through which can only be seen a shadowy body with a horned head and a pair of glowing fiery eyes that pierce through the fog like beams. A feeling of dread of impending doom surrounds him wherever he travels, and the fates of those who feel it tend to take an ugly turn.


To Moros go the souls of those who sin merely because it is convenient to do so, without any special penchant that puts them under another demon prince’s domain – not even a love for evil. He also receives the souls of those who are doomed merely due to accident, who caused an atrocity or witnessed one by chance and proceeded to do nothing about it or to atone for it. In many ways, Moros gets the leftovers of the Underworld, but he remains dreaded and feared even by other demons for his powers to twist fate.


Moros’s followers, the Moroai, have a similar appearance, but their physical form can be more clearly seen behind the mist that floats about their feet.