Nemesis, black-winged Goddess of Vengeance, is regarded as a demon lord because she keeps a palace in the Underworld where her Erinyes torture their victims, and she often resides there. Despite this, she is not purely evil herself. Above all she seeks to keep the natural order of the world by taking revenge for great crimes, but the targets of her wrath may include those who are merely unduly fortunate as well. She and her Erinyes are sometimes called upon by the gods to carry out tasks that the Yazatas refuse because they are unjustified.


Hers are the souls of those who sought unduly terrible and unjust revenge against an enemy, and she often reaps the souls of the targets of her own vengeance (or those of her Erinyes) as well, if they are deserving of such a fate. Sometimes this results in the two souls bound to the same place to hate each other for all eternity.


Her minions are the Erinyes, who largely share her appearance.