Northmen are the Men who live in the wild and untamed expanses of Northrim, above Achaea. They are known as hardy folk and fearsome warriors.


Northerners have fair skin; blond, brown, or red hair; and, generally, blue or green eyes. Darker complexions are rare. They are among the tallest races of men, and most have strength and hardiness to match.


Unlike the Imperials to their south, the civilizations of Northmen are divided in to various tribes, kingdoms, and clans, each with their own unique cultures. Achaeans view Northmen as barbaric and savage, but this is a sweeping generalization. Although some tribes are indeed savage and uncivilized, numerous Northerner clans are highly developed and propserous civilizations. The Bjornings are among the foremost of these, with the Frost Ravens providing a prime example of the opposite. The Wulfings are known for their powerful shamans and connections to the spirit realm. Generally speaking, Northmen have a warlike culture, but their ties of brotherhood are often strong, and many of them abide by a code of honor that extends hospitality to all guests in need.


A proud and warlike people, the Northerners worship the Aesir and the Vanir. Most Northmen worship the Aesir, with prime deities including Odin, god of wanderers and runes; Thor, god of the forge and lightning; and many others. They believe in the glory of battle, seeking to die in combat in order to join their gods in Valhalla and prepare for Ragnarok, the end of the world as men know it.


The Northmen are sworn foes of the Jotnar, the giants, reclusive beings of immense power, most of whom live in other realms of existence. However, some Jotnar have aligned themselves with the Aesir and Vanir instead, such as Skadi, goddess of winter and the hunt, who is now married to Njord, god of the sea.