The Olympians are the primary pantheon of gods worshipped by the men of Achaea. They dwell atop Mount Olympos, the very highest summit at the center of the Jagged Edge.

The Twelve OlympiansEdit

There are many Olympian gods, but twelve who dwell in Olympos are worshipped above all others. They are as follows.

Zeus (Jupiter, Jove)Edit

King of the Olympians, god of the sky and storm. He heroically overthrew Cronus and the other Titans, saving his Olympian brothers and sisters from death and beginning a new age in the heavens. Imperial Kings usually claim divine right to rule through him. His weapon is the thunderbolt (javelin).

Hera (Juno)Edit

Queen of the Olympians, wife and sister of Zeus, goddess of family, the home, and birthright. She is quick to anger and wreak vengeance upon those who dishonor family bloodlines. Imperial Queens usually claim their divine right to rule through her. Her weapon is the royal scepter.

Poseidon (Neptune)Edit

Brother of Zeus, god of the sea and of horses. Sailors pray to him above all, as do any who wish to avoid natural disasters. His weapon is the trident spear.

Demeter (Ceres)Edit

Sister of Zeus, goddess of the field and the seasons. All those who grow things pray to her for favor. Her weapon is the staff.

Athena (Minerva)Edit

Daughter of Zeus. Virgin goddess of wisdom, defense, and strategic warfare. She is nearly alwayd depicted in battle armor, with a helmet atop her head. Her weapon is the spear.

Ares (Mars)Edit

Son of Zeus and Hera, god of war and violence. Soldiers pray to him for favor in battle and for strength and skill at arms. His weapons are many, but primarily the spear and sword.

Apollo (Phoebus)Edit

Son of Zeus and Leto. God of light, the sun, and of inspiration in all things (art, music, poetry, knowledge, and prophecy). His weapon is the bow.

Artemis (Diana, Cynthia)Edit

Daughter of Zeus and Leto. Virgin goddess of the hunt, the moon, and wild beasts. Like her twin brother Apollo, her weapon is the bow.

Hermes (Mercury)Edit

Son of Zeus and an uncertain lover. God of messengers, merchants, and thieves. One of the youngest and fastest of the gods, but also a heroic fighter. His weapon is the sword.

Aphrodite (Venus)Edit

Goddess of love, beauty, and desire. Though she is married to Vulcan, she is anything but a loyal wife. She needs no weapon but her charm, though she is sometimes depicted (especially in Lakedaemon) with a dagger.

Hephaestus (Vulcan)Edit

Son of Hera and an uncertain father, perhaps Zeus. God of craftsmanship and the forge. Though hunchbacked and ugly, he is an honorable god of great strength and loyalty who is also honored by the dwarves. His weapon is the hammer.

Dionysus (Bacchus)Edit

God of wine, revelry, and entertainment, lord of laughs. Son of Zeus and a mortal princess, he is younger than any of the other gods, even Hermes. His weapon is the Thyrsus, a staff or mace with a head in the shape of a pine cone, often covered in vines.

Other GodsEdit

Hades (Pluto, Dis)Edit

Elder brother of Zeus and Poseidon, he dwells in the Underworld rather than Olympos. Nevertheless, he is an extremely important god, overseeing the domains of death, wealth, and deception.