Parsanshar is one of the great nations of the South. An ancient empire, it lies on the eastern edge of the South, alongside the Great Wastes. Parsanshar is ruled by a single figure, oft called the King of Kings. He is believed to be appointed by their all-powerful god Ormazd, the God of Light, whom they worship above all other deities.


The landscape of Parsanshar varies far and wide, as the empire rules over even more land than the Achaean Empire to the north. The Parsanshar empire encompasses vast and uncompromising deserts, tall mountains, lush valleys, and enormous, prospering cities. Generally speaking, the land of Parsanshar is primarily desert, but this has not prevented the Parsansharians from erecting a vast and powerful civilization that has remained strong for many ages.


The religion of Parsanshar is one of duality: light (Ormazd) and darkness (Ahriman). Some philosophers equate Ormazd with Astra Aeterna, since the followers of each equate their god with the Light and believe that he is supreme above all others. Ahriman, the God of Darkness, opposes Ormazd in all respects. Where all light and good and wisdom comes from Ormazd, all darkness and evil and destruction is the work of Ahriman.


The search for gods beyond the gods began with magi advisors to Parsansharians kings millennia ago. However, when the destructive power of magic destroyed their neighboring empire in the Mage Wars of Sinkarya, creating the Great Wastes, practitioners of magic began to lose favor and influence in Parsanshar, eventually to the point of being persecuted. Despite this, high priests in Parsanshar are still referred to as Magi and Grand Magi, and it is believed a few still possess the Gift, but do not flaunt it as openly as in days of old.