Quentin Adelais
Biographical Information
Race Human (Achaean)
Gender Male
Birthplace Illikon, Northwestern Empire
Affinity Frost
Physical Description
Height 6'
Eyes Dark Brown
Hair Honey blond with flecks of auburn
Parents Lord Basileios Celox

Lady Demetria Glorius

Political Information
Affiliation(s) Illikon

Celox family

Occupation(s) Formerly in the Legions
Rank Lieutenant
OOC Information
First Appearance Into the Howling Dark

Quentin was bitten by the member of the Six known as the Whitewolf, turning him into a lycanthrope, and while he believes his werewolf encounter was simply bad luck, he may have been chosen for another reason.


Quentin Adelais's father was Lord Basileios Celox of Illikon but his mother was Lady Demetria Glorius, both of whom were unwed. Born into a social scandal, Quentin was put away from his parents and raised by one of Lady Demetria's handmaids. His true parentage was never told to him, and he assumed his caregiver was his mother. In the following weeks of his sixteenth birthday, his supposed mother became very ill. On her deathbed she revealed she wasn't his true mother but died before telling him what his true heritage was. With nowhere else to go, Quentin joined the Legions.

There he met Jeremiah Aristion; the man would become both his Centurion and friend. Quentin poured his efforts into his duties and the ranks, trying desperately to keep his mind off the questions that plagued him. He proved extremely adept at warfare and quickly rose in position, earning the rank of lieutenant in less than three years. There he remained for two years as Centurion Ariston's aid and confidant. During a scouting raid, Quentin and his men were assaulted by a white werewolf. However the beast ignored the others and focused Quentin, biting his shoulder and then disappearing into the woods without a trace. Quentin's wounds were substantial, and his men feared he wouldn't survive the night, however, they were wrong. The full moon transformed Quentin that very night, and the beast that he had become devoured his men and their horses. When Quentin awoke the following morning, he had no recollection of the events. As he searched for his friends, he only found maimed bodies. Assuming the werewolf had returned, Quentin set off toward camp. In his wounded condition, he barely remained conscious during the long walks he forced himself to endure as he travelled. After a five day journey, he finally returned to his Legion's headquarters. Quentin was rushed to apothecary's tent to have his wounds tended, but

Quentin Legion armor
most had almost completely healed. That night, Jeremiah sat by his bedside and was appalled as his friend turned into the same beast that had bitten him. Fortunately for Jeremiah, Quentin’s agonized screams brought all the sentries into the tent. As the werewolf saw the opposing force, he thought better of an open attack and disappeared into the night. The following morning, when Quentin returned to human form, Jeremiah told him just what he had become. Appalled and utterly disgusted at the monster he transformed into, Quentin decided to leave. However, only Jeremiah knew of his condition, and to the eyes of the rest of Empire, Quentin would be considered a traitor and a deserter.

Demon encounter 

Knowing that he couldn't control his beast side, Quentin kept himself distanced from others; however he became close friends to a gifted mercenary named Theon. The two men journeyed together for quite some time, even taking an occasional mercenary contract, but they rarely remained in one place for long. The two were beset by a demon-kin of Sorrow and a Demon of Pain, the underworld beings overpowered both Quentin and Theon, the demon tortured them both for an extended period, scarring Quentin's right arm and chest. After both had passed out from pain, the two were carried to a hilltop overlooking a small farm. When Quentin awoke, the demon of pain forced him to choose between his friend's life and family below. Theon encouraged Quentin to save the children's lives, but the demon ignored Quentin choice, and killed Theon by running him through with a tree branch. Enraged and grief-stricken, Quentin threw himself at the demon, but was beaten until he lost consciousness. When he awoke, the demons had left but had burned the farm and killed its occupants, leaving Quentin with a deep hatred for all of demon kind.

Learning from the Shamans

After one Quentin's transformation his unconscious form was found by a member of the group known as the Wulflings. They took him to their village and fed him. Quentin ate while they convened a meeting in the largest structure. One of the high shamans took pity on the lycanthrope and convinced the others to help the wandering man. They agreed and returned to Quentin, offering aid and giving him the chance to learn how to remember his beast side's memories. Quentin agreed somewhat reluctantly, since it would require him to be continually watched and his lack of control while transformed was worrisome. Quentin and several of the shamans traveled for a few days before coming to secluded spot. For the next several months, it was the same routine, every morning he would wake and begin to meditate, his every move scrutinized. The shamans helped him to examine his inner man with the use of meditation, trances, and several other shaman rituals. Quentin even spent some time in the spirit world. The Wulflings efforts to bring Quentin closer to his wolf side worked, and after every transformation every act of the wolf could be remembered - however as much as it was a blessing it was also a curse. Quentin was haunted by the faces of every person he had mauled, every life he had taken. While he is incredibly grateful to the Tribe of the Wolf, the guilt of his uncontrollable ferocity haunts him.


At six feet even, Quentin is by no means above average height. Lean and muscular, with squared shoulders his appearance is intimidating in combat. However he is certainly handsome. Short, red, sideburns run down the length of his sharp jaw line, his hair, which is honey blonde, is kept moderately short but is spiked toward the front. His eye brows which match his facial hair are low set giving him an almost permanent look of seriousness. His eyes are deep brown with surprisingly long eyelashes. Deep scares run up his entire forearm and several more that resemble claw marks run zigzag across his chest. He wears a bronze colored breastplate that resembles an Imperial ieutenant’s breast plate, but instead of the eight pointed star, an intricate wolf head dominates the chest. As well as a leather-pleated foustanélla reminiscent of the Imperial design.

As a werewolf, Quentin is mostly covered in white fur, but his scruff and hackles are red furred, as is the hair along his muzzle giving the impression of sideburns, even while transformed.


Scarred and hardened by his life experiences, Quentin could be considered cold to those who don't know him. To his friends, he is loyal and occasionally seen as over-protective; often rushing in with swords drawn if he smells any hint of danger. He is still loyal to the Empire and her cause, but disagrees with their constant fighting in the North; however, his home city of Illikon holds a dear place in his heart - Often getting him involved in petty fights over the city's honor. His dry humor and sarcasm has the propensity of angering those around him, as he often makes pointed references about them. However while in battle, Quentin is a visage of stone, leaving any words until after the fight. Hidden deep below the hardness he shows others, his sense of honor keeps from truly becoming a monster. He is filled with grief over the terrible deeds he has committed as a werewolf, and does all he can to help those in need; quite often surprising those around him the greatness of his generosity or the nobleness of his acts. 


Quentin often thinks about his parents, and will do anything to discover his true heritage when he returns to Illikon. The Celox's heraldic animal is a white rampant Pegasus. and their heraldic colors are Blue, White, and Ebony.