Creature satyr

A pair of satyrs.

Unlike the majority of Shifters, the goat shifters suffered a similar curse to the centaur. They now look like humans save for their goat-like legs, horns, and somewhat odd facial features. Despite this, they hold no grudges about their condition.


Satyrs seem to fully enjoy life, drinking and feasting in celebration whenever possible. They grow vineyards and orchards and trade their produce with the other beastfolk, making incredible wine and playing bawdy songs on their lyres. Even though he is part of the pantheon that cursed them, the god Bacchus now supports the satyr and even holds them sacred. Due to thier reputed sexual promiscuity, humans and even their fellow beastfolk believe satyrs responsible for seducing young ones into joining them in their frivolity. Because of this and their tendency to play tricks, they are considered untrustworthy... and, in most cases, rightfully so. Despite their lives of liesure, they are still able to fight, and, as creatures of deception, are surprisingly good at sneaking and setting up ambushes.