Like the felesians, lizard beastfolk exist in various forms all across the world and live in varied habitats and have the heads, tails, legs and feet, claws, and - in their case - scales of their animal counterparts. Lizardfolk are called "saurians" by Achaeans. The largest resemble crocodiles, while others resemble smaller lizards. They are some of the more numerous beastfolk, living together in tribes in remote areas, such as Rognosst Swamp.


Though there are near countless varieties of lizardfolk, there are several distinct variations of saurians. Among these various reptilian beastfolk, there is considerable variation in coloration and appearance.



The pyramid builder of the Western seas.

The most common of saurians are those beastfolk descended from the ancient lizard Shifters. These lizardfolk bear a wide variety of features and resemble many different types of lizards, but overall, their size is generally the same: a little larger and taller than a man. Some are stronger and some are slimmer, but no lizardman could ever become as enormous and strong as some of their other kin, such as the crocodile-folk. Lizardfolk come in so many varieties that their coloration ranges almost endlessly, from various mixtures of deep black and dull green-grey to bright red, blue, green, and yellow. Variations of these beastfolk live in almost every corner of Midgard, in a wider variety of habitats than many other creatures, though they always live far from the settlements of Men. Some examples of specific races of lizardfolk include chameleons, iguanas, frilled lizards, and more.


Rarer than their smaller cousins, the crocodile-folk are enormous, hulking beastmen known for their incredible strength and toughness. With their thick hides and bulging muscles, the crocodile-folk often fight unarmed, using their massive jaws, mighty claws, and heavy tails to crush and tear their opponents. These saurians are most often found near water, particularly rivers, and their appearance varies according to region. The most well-known of crocodile-folk are those that live in the South, along the banks of the river Yter. The colors of their thick hides do not vary as widely as some other lizardfolk, and they are most often various shades of green-grey, though some may range into slightly more unusual colors.


Far away on distant islands over vast oceans to the West, largely unknown by most all Men, dwell a unique type of saurians. Far different from anything found on the mainland, these dinosaur-folk also appear in many different races of different colors and sizes. Unknown as they are, dinosaur-folk and their animal kin do not even exist in the legends of Men not native to the islands, and they remain shrouded in mystery.


Most all races of lizardfolk live in tribes that vary widely in size, and their cultures also vary from place to place. A few aspects that most all types of saurians of various regions hold in common is that they live in villages, sometimes made of wood and other materials and sometimes made of stone, and they tend to worship dragons in place of nature spirits and other gods. Some saurian settlements are small and made of primitive huts, but others in more remote areas - such as Rognosst Swamp, and on some islands far out in the Western seas - have built mighty civilizations and cities of stone pyramids.