The scorpion men of the South, called Aqrabuamelu in their homeland, are known to be ferocious guardians of ancient tombs, as well as their own underground dens. In general they are regarded as spirits of good, serving the minor scorpion-goddess Serqet, who is called upon for healing poisons. Because of this, some retain a limited shapeshifting power that allows them to take on a more humanoid appearance. Some are armored bipeds with multiple arms, while others are centaur-like, with the upper body of a human attached the lower body of a scorpion. While they sometimes work in groups, they usually live fairly solitary lives and only share their dens with their mates and children. They sometimes tame giant scorpions to help them guard their tunnels. One is advised to treat them with respect, or risk both their wrath and the wrath of the scorpion-goddess.