Sir scaevius big
The Paladin
Publius Domitius Scaevius
Biographical Information
Race Human (Achaean)
Gender Male
Birthplace Coronaria, Central Empire
Affinity Magma
Physical Description
Height 6'
Eyes Grey
Hair Pale blonde
Political Information
  • The Empire
  • Paladins
Occupation(s) Paladin
Rank Left Hand of the Emperor
First Appearance The Legend of the Five

Sir Publius Domitius Scaevius is one of the main antagonists of The Legend of the Five and a very important figure in the Achaean Empire: the Left Hand Paladin of the Emperor. He is known for his zealous loyalty to the Empire, his severe punishment of those who act against it, and for the strange spiked gauntlet he wears on his left hand. When the war in the North grows increasingly threatening to the Empire's prosperity, the Emperor dispatches Scaevius to Illikon to take charge of the defense.


Sir Scaevius is a blue-blooded patrician noble of the Imperial heartland, but he has never lived like one. From a young age, he shunned most luxuries in favor of a military life. He became a Knight of the Ordo Equester and saw to it that he was sent to the most dangerous battlefields. There he met Doraius I, a young man even braver and more patriotic than himself, who sought to reform the Empire. Pledging his sword to Doraius's service, Scaevius became one of his most trusted knights. He was there when Doraius overthrew the previous Emperor and seated himself on the throne. For his unflinching loyalty and effectiveness in battle, Doraius named Scaevius his Left Hand Knight in the Order of Paladins, to sit at his left in every council meeting.

With his newfound power, Scaevius's fanatic loyalty to the Empire only grew. He gathered his own retinue of knights, including his squire and later lieutenant Sir Terence, and began spearheading movements to expand the Empire's territory, crush her enemies, and root out rebellion within the kingdoms. He gained a reputation for ruthlessness, which was only enhanced by the fearsome clawed gauntlet of black metal he began to wear on his left hand.

When the war against Northrim began to reach its boiling point, Emperor Doraius sent Sir Scaevius to Illikon, to take charge of all Imperial forces in the North and drive back the barbarian invasion.


Stern, mirthless, and with a reputation for cruelty, Sir Scaevius is a man who no one in the Empire would be wise to cross. He believes very deeply that the Empire is the ultimate force of order and good on this earth, that bringing Imperial law to every corner of Midgard will ultimately lead to peace and justice for men of every race. Anyone who works to undermine or halt the Empire's efforts deserves to be punished to the fullest extent of the law, or utterly destroyed for the sake of the greater good. Scaevius expects this same zealous loyalty from his soldiers and does not brook disrespect, even from Princes and Kings.