Skadi, otherwise knows as The Huntress, is the Northrim goddess of winter, mountains, and the hunt. Unlike most of Northrim's gods, she is neither Aesir nor Vanir, but Jotnar.

Joining the AesirEdit

Skadi was born in the relentless cold of Niflheim, the Realm of Ice. She was the daughter of the Frost Giant king, Thjazi. However, when the gods killed the King, Skadi went mad with fury. Carrying nothing but a helmet and a spear, she marched to Åsgard with the intent of waging war on the Aesir by herself. Even the mightiest of the gods, such as Odin, Thor and Loki, did not answer her challenge. Instead, they asked her what she wanted from them. Eventually, she was granted godhood, and the sea god Njord became her husband.


Skadi is as cold on the inside as she is on the outside. Whilst not an "evil" god, the Huntress is merciless and does not grant boons without a price. Essentially, she is a reflection of the things she represents.

Frost DwarvesEdit

The Frost Dwarves are the creation of Skadi and Njord, and the Huntress considers them to be her children. Being few in numbers, Skadi is very protective of the glacier people, and may even intervene directly in the mortal realm if the civilization of her beloved frost dwarves is in danger.