A succubus minion of Lilit.

Succubae (female) and Incubi (male) are demons of Lust, followers of Lilit


Succubae and Incubi alike are always incredibly beautiful. Their appearances vary widely otherwise in terms of hair and eye color, with eyes that are often yellow or pink and have cat-like pupils. They have long horns that curl over their heads, bat-like wings, tails, and blackened limbs that end in clawed hands. They are capable of assuming human forms, which are always nigh-upon irresistible in their beauty.


As demons of Lust, succubae and incubi tempt mortals into sin, particularly of a sexual nature. They encourage mortals to charm one another for foul purposes, to be unfaithful to their lovers, and always to give in to their carnal lusts. These demons also enjoy using their beauty to learn the darkest secrets of mortals, using those secrets to their advantage.