Portrait hoodedfigure
The Shadow
The Hooded Figure
Biographical Information
Race Human (?)
Gender Male
Birthplace Unknown
Affinity Unknown
Physical Description
Height 6'2"
Eyes Bright blue
Hair Black
OOC Information
First Appearance The Legend of the Five

The Hooded Figure is an mysterious being who is a major character in The Legend of the Five and appears in Into the North. Almost nothing is known about him, for he has little desire to be seen.


Nothing is known about the hooded figure; even his name remains unspoken. He contacted the Silent Messengers with a contract to kill a knight of Illikon, and the assassin Kye was sent to fulfill it. He has not been seen before or since.


The hooded figure is an imposing sight. He often leaves his suit of tough, dark leather unbuckled, clearly displaying his powerful muscles and rough skin slashed by myriad scars. Emblazoned in blood red upon his studded armor are snarling wolf heads, but the nature of this symbol remains unknown. A dark cloak and hood often conceal much of him from view, and a black mask covers the majority of his face, leaving only his smoldering blue eyes visible. His eyes are so bright that they almost seem to glow in the darkness, and many who meet his gaze claim they feel as if he can see into their very soul.