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So-called by Achaeans and Northmen, the "Far South" encompasses all of the area south of Achaea, home primarily to three great nations: Kemhet, Deshret, and Parsanshar. The landscape is mostly arid desert, but is still far more varied than most "Northerners" believe, with many fertile areas.

Empires have been born and died here, and the earth hides riches that both kings and adventurers would kill for. Traders travel here to exchange ideas and goods from across the world, adding to its exotic reputation.


Kemhet (the Black Land, named for its fertile soil) is an ancient and mighty empire built along the river Yter, with its capital at Mysraiim. It is known for its enormous tombs full of riches and its formidable army backed by expert charioteers. It is also known for its exotic religion full of animal-gods and great reverence for the dead, which fascinates many Achaeans, who have built cults around these Kemheti gods. A large population of dwarves lives here, called the desert dwarves, who have gained a surprising level of respect in Kemeheti society. Though it was conquered by the Achaeans under Xandros I, the Achaean line of Pharaohs has never submitted to the Emperor since, declaring Kemhet a sovereign nation - and they have so closely adopted Kemheti culture that they are no longer recognizable as Achaeans themselves.

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Deshret (the Red Land, named for its infertile sandy terrain) is an arid desert landscape home to many nomadic tribes, famous both for raiding and trading with the other Southron peoples. The tribes vary widely in culture.

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Lying to the east of Kemet and Deshret is the empire of Parsanshar which stretches into the southernmost mountains of the Jagged Edge and the Endless Wastes, and it is said its traders know secret paths into the mysterious Far East. Certainly the Parsansharian culture is exotic, and its kings are fabulously wealthy. Their religion is one of duality, worshipping the lords of the elements of Light and Darkness above all others.

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