The Tyrandisi (singular Tyrandis) are sanguine demons of Tyranny, servants of Saurva, Lord of Tyrants.


Tyrandisi have crowns of black horns and deep purple eyes. They often appear in tall, straight, proud humanoid form, towering over most other demons. But they can adopt more monstrous sanguine features as well, gaining the legs, claws, and head of a red lion, with a mane of coarse black hair or spines.


A Tyrandis, as a demon of Tyranny, is obsessed with power, and will constantly try to assert its power over mortals in any way possible. It will encourage others to seek out power for themselves and enslave the weak with an iron fist.


Demon-kin offspring of a Tyrandis will usually have deep purple eyes and a crown-like circle of horns. Their power is the Tyrant’s Will, with which they can dominate a single individual’s mind completely for a time.