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Wulfgard is a fantasy world based heavily in real-world history and mythology. Long in the now-forgotten past, a race now known only as the Shifters ruled the mortal realm. They had the power to change shape between man, beast, and beast-man at will. The most feared of the Shifters were the Werewolves, who roamed the world in packs, unopposed. Their dominance was acknowledged in the name the Shifters gave their world: Wulfgard. But the Shifters fought an aeon-long war with mankind and its gods, and they lost. When the Shifter gods were cast down, their conquerors cursed them, stripping them of their powers. Most became permanently stuck in their hybrid state, forced to live as beastfolk forever. The werewolves, however, faced a worse fate. Their gift became like a disease, their souls split in two between Man and Wolf, each side out of the other's control. Today this history is all but forgotten... but there are those who remember. And they seek to return.


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The Setting

Welcome to a world of darkness and mystery, a primitive place where suspicious peasants pay tribute to kings who claim to defend them from raiders and enemy armies, and to their many gods to protect them from the dark forces of chaos that they hate and fear. Magic is one of these forces - seldom seen, little understood, and generally despised, forcing the few who are magically adept to hide their gifts from the common folk or live as exiles. Monsters and mystic creatures are little more than fables to the common folk - shadows in the night, explanations for mysterious occurrences, scapegoats for blame when no other target can be found. Sometimes this blame is rightly placed, as the outcast races do what they can to survive, exiled in the shadows far from mankind's watchful eyes. Elves, dwarves, and other ancient peoples sometimes trade with major cities of men or even live there, but they are always a spectacle: much marveled at, often misunderstood, and frequently mistreated.

Welcome to a land of nobility and honor, where men do not hide behind governmental systems of law or fight wars with remote-controlled weapons of mass-destruction... but do battle man to man, defending what is theirs with strength of arm and well-forged steel. Kings both gracious and tyrannical keep watch over their subjects with either justice and generosity, or cruelty and tyranny... but all are willing to ride at the head of a cavalry charge when an enemy threatens their land. Holy men do not simply speak empty words but perform miracles and archive the knowledge and wisdom of the ages. Shamans and druids convene with the spirits of the land, and cultists sacrifice their souls to the netherworld in exchange for terrible power.

Welcome to a place where one man can make his fortune through the strength of his will and his arm, seek out adventure in the many uncharted and untouched places of the world... but he had best have a quick eye and good judgment, or the favor of the gods, if he wishes to survive the many perils that await him in the great unknown. Welcome to a world where no map is ever complete, but full of empty zones where not a soul has ventured and returned to tell the tale, where nature remains yet unconquered - wild, deadly, and ever-changing. A land with a dark and complex history that is barely understood, passed down from mouth to mouth or lost to time, waiting to be discovered in deep and cursed tombs unseen by mortal eyes since time unknown.

Welcome to Wulfgard.

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