Portrait whisper
The Thief
Biographical Information
Race Vidralfr (Wood Elf)
Gender Female
Birthplace Coronaria, Achaea
Affinity Unknown
Physical Description
Height 5'4"
Eyes Green
Hair Very dark brown
OOC Information
First Appearance Into the North

Whisper is one of the major characters of Wulfgard: Into the North. She ends up an unwilling partner in Lord Plutarch's schemes when Daemonique saves her from Al-Saffah and then takes her under her wing.


Whisper has no idea who her parents were, or even her real name. Her first memories are of growing up in a Temple of Artemis in Coronaria, the immense capital city of the Achaean Empire. Tired of the other girls picking on her for her pointed ears – which she usually hides beneath a cloth wrapped around her head – she escaped at a very young age and joined the throngs of other orphan urchins on the streets of Coronaria.

Whisper has spent her entire life since then in Coronaria, which she refers to simply as “the City.” Navigating it with as much ease as a cat, bounding from rooftop to rooftop, she knows its every corner, every nook and cranny, by heart. Or at least every nook and cranny of the Ring of Iron, the city's outermost portion and its poorest district. She has very seldom managed to scale the walls into the other districts, where beggars and thieves are kept under tighter control.

When she was a teenager, still a small child by the standards of the Alfar, she was picked out for possible recruitment into the Silent Messengers. She and several other orphans who had been observed to be skilled thieves were rounded up, trained, and tested by Hanan al-Saffah, who was still rising through the ranks of the Messengers at that time. Whisper performed very well, but when the time arrived for her first assassination test, she instead helped the target escape. She then ran away from the guild, but the memory of those dark days with that group of murderers – many of whom treated her quite nicely, like the family she had never known – has haunted her ever since.


Whisper is small and thin, with pale skin, dark hair, and very large, very striking green eyes. She inherited these eyes from her elven parents, along with her long pointed ears, when she prefers to keep hidden under a cloth bandanna most of the time. She dresses all in black, to better hide in the shadows that have been her home for as long as she can remember. The other orphans gave her the name Whisper for her manner of speaking and for her amazingly silent step. She is a natural expert at stealth as well as a skilled acrobat, leaping from rooftop to rooftop as she prowls the city in search of something to steal. Her favored weapon is a short recurve bow, though she also carries several knives and a long black whip.


Always keeping to herself to avoid suspicion and persecution as an elf in a human city, Whisper usually stays silent and out of sight. She can easily drop into the innocent child act in order to garner sympathy from travelers, guards, and others in the City, but her actual outlook is jaded and cynical. She looks around at the City and sees nothing but people looking out for themselves, always trying to take advantage of others. She views herself as a survivor, willing to do whatever it takes... yet deep down, she knows that is not true, or else she would have remained with the Silent Messengers. Conflicted and alone, she seeks answers to who she really is, and what she wishes to become.