Wizard Peak is a mysterious, snow-capped mountain north of Eloh, and it is one of the tallest mountains outside the Jagged Edge. The mountain overlooks the Forest of Shadows, and although no one knows whether there is any truth behind the various legends of the peak, it is nonetheless a place spoken of with fear and superstition.

Native CreaturesEdit

Wizard Peak is known to be the home of numerous dangerous creatures living within the vast and deep tunnels around its roots, as well as along its higher slopes, and even near its peak. These inhabitants of the tunnels primarily include hobgoblins, though other, more monstrous things also live there, including various races of beastfolk and even one small city of Mountain Dwarves known as Clan Blackrune. Various races of trolls live along the higher slopes of the peak, and as for any other creatures, they remain a mystery. However, endless tales account for the existence of various hideous and dangerous monsters that have a particular taste for most any meat they can get their claws on.


The WizardEdit

For nearly as long as Men have dwelt in the Northwest, legends have existed about an individual called only "the Wizard." He takes many forms in tales, ranging from a frost jotunn to a human wizard with a long, white beard to a skeleton made of ice. The depiction of the Wizard as a being of frost always remains a constant, and it is said he lives at the very peak of the mountain. Who and what he truly is remains a mystery, but legends of his existence have persisted through the ages, as all travelers who seek him out never return. His power is said to be immense, particularly in Elemental - almost exclusively Frost and Shadow - and Arcane magic.

The Forest of ShadowsEdit

No one knows how the Forest of Shadows came to be. However, as it lies in the shadow of the mountain, many claim that it is the creation of the Wizard himself in order to deter any potential visitors or miners attempting to infiltrate his mountain. If true, this would be a truly incredible feat of shadow magic.