The Wulfings, also known as the "Tribe of the Wolf," dwell in and around Wulfsted, a village built on ancient, sacred burial grounds. No Northman is permitted to spill another's blood there, lest he risk the wrath of gods and men alike. The Wulfings are usually a quiet and contemplative people, famed for their powerful shamans well-versed in the ways of spirit magic, trained on their sacred land. When roused, however, their spirit magic makes them a force to be feared. It is said that their warriors can knock over a castle wall with the power of their voice, that the spirits of the dead fight alongside them when their cause is just, and that their shamans can cause the earth and sky to torment their foes. The truth of these legends is unknown, but few wish to find out the hard way.

Their chief is the powerful seeress known as Ylva, the Wylfing Queen.